Instructions for Posting on Discussion Boards

<strong>Instructions for Posting on Discussion Boards</strong>

1. Click on “Discussions” in the website’s main men.
2. Click on your course number.
3. Click on the “Ask a Question” button.
4. You can title your post by deleting “What is on your mind?” and replacing it with whatever text you would like.
5. The body of your text goes in the text box right below the title.
6. You can upload attachments or add hyperlinks by clicking on the tabs below the text box.
7. To upload an attachment, click on “Upload Attachments.” Then choose your file.
8. To insert a hyperlink, click on “Add References Link.” Then past the hyperlink in the box and click on the “Add URL” button.
9. Click the blue “Submit” button on the bottom of the webpage.
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