Hampton Roads is the headquarters for international organizations, including North Atlantic Treaty Organizations Allied Command Transfer. Virginia Wesleyan College’s established relationships with such organizations provide a unique opportunity for our students to develop knowledge of diplomacy in coordination with such entities.

Virginia Wesleyan students can supplement their major coursework by obtaining a certificate in International Organizations and Diplomacy. The courses required for this certificate focus on the theory and practice of diplomatic actions, with a special emphasis on diplomacy within international organizations. As part of the certification process, students will be required to engage in diplomatic simulations and complete a portfolio representing their cumulative body of work within the program’s courses.

This certificate demonstrates a student has concentrated their coursework on diplomacy. In addition, it provides students with an understanding of the challenges of diplomatic action and of skills required for engagement within governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the international arena. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in coursework or workshops led by individuals currently engaged in diplomatic practice from organizations, including NATO-ACT.

Core Courses:
POLS 210 Introduction to International Relations (This must be taken as the first course.)
POLS 345 International Law and Organizations
POLS 347 Model United Nations or POLS 373 Conflict Management

Select One of the Following:
POLS 240 Topics in International Organizations and Diplomacy
POLS 250 Introduction to Political Economy
POLS 344 European Union in World Politics
POLS 348 International Human Rights
POLS 350 Immigration and Citizenship
POLS 353 Globalization and its Discontents
POLS 440 Seminar: American Foreign Policy

Certificate Program Proposal