"Putting Political Science on the Couch." (under review for inclusion in D.W. Winnicott and Political Theory)

"Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) and the Dissemination of Erroneous Information: A Viral Explanation of Misinformation Dissemination." with Nini Zhang and Amanda Cronkhite View PDF here

"Man vs. Machine: Comparing Automated and Human Coding of the Arab-Israeli Conflict" (with Scott Althaus, Amanda Cronkhite, Mandy Troeger, Megan Remmel, and Nini Zhang) (Journal Article Manuscript)

"Why Didn't Jane Run? The Effects of Television Consumption on Attitudes about Gender and Political Leadership" (Journal Article Manuscript)

"There May be 18 Million Cracks in the Glass Ceiling, but Is Reminding Voters Helping Female Candidates" (Journal Article Manuscript)

"Using Open Source News Collections for Political Science Research" (with Scott Althaus and Paul Testa) (Journal Article Manuscript)